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One Room Challenge - Week 2

Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Another week flew by and we got closer to honing in on the plan while boxes from our generous sponsors started coming in (the fun part).

Just like with my client work, I put together a design board for Ilana to show her how all the items could look together. A few iterations later, she granted her approval to proceed. The desert tones I love are clearly represented along with her more glamorous and feminine touches like the chandelier, dresser, and nightstands.

- The full size bed is up in the air. Ilana fell in love with a mustard velvet number from Jonathan Louis. We put the order in, but Covid-19 shut down their factory through March and April. At this point, I don't know if it will be able to be fabricated in time. Mustard velvet would be very cool but I have an idea to paint an Ikea Malm bed the same color as the background of the mural. A proof of concept to see if you really can paint laminate furniture. Eye Swoon makes it look pretty easy and totally sold me on the idea. I'm keeping us all on our toes with this item.

- The mattress will be from Tuft and Needle. We bought a T&F first-generation mattress for our bedroom years ago and have always appreciated the product and business model. Now we will get their current version for Ilana with linen bedding in sand, which I didn't know they had until now.

- The Chloe dresser and matching Chloe nightstands are from Apt2B which makes their furniture in LA with a young and sophisticated spirit along with a touch of midcentrury flair. Kind of perfect for Ilana. We both adore the brass detail on the legs.

- The new light is honestly too nice for her room, but she rejects the practicality of a ceiling fan and really wanted an amazing lighting moment. I found that for her with the Parallax light from Blueprint Lighting. It is a moving sculptural light with perforated metal shades and an enamel finish in any color you wish. We chose a neutral pearl color. This is truly a stunning piece that I cannot wait to see hanging. Their lighting is architecturally significant with midcentury roots and I'm looking forward to specifying some of their gorgeous designs on future client work.

- Overstock is helping complete the room with needed items like the large flatwoven rug, a brass table lamp, and the leaning mirror. Fact: Ilana comes into our bedroom 5+ times a day to try on outfits in front of my leaning mirror and I need her to have her own mirror. This guy is a handsome number and I like that the dark wood balances out the lighter pieces.

- If you know me at all then you know I'm a layerer of vintage rugs. My friend Tabitha from Swoon Rugs is sending over a sweet number. It's not the one on the design board, it will be a surprise, but is in the vein of this tribal guy.

- Accent pillows from SWD Studio. The pyramid print and Abenaki were calling my name.

- Finally, art is key. Mature art to inspire, not babyish art that she will outgrow. I chose White Canyon 3 and Mountainside art prints from Minted because the colors and vibe are kind of perfect compliments to the mural. Minted really has an aimmense modern selection and you can filter by color, orientation, style to save time. Jessica Poundstone's Color Cloud 16 abstract is a beautiful balance to the art photography. I like a mix of photographs and paintings in one room. Not too much of either type.

But wait, are you wondering why the mural is a departure from my mood board? Well, we were arguing over what the Matisse cutout shapes should look like. I sketched out ideas for her while she rejected them all. It was getting frustrating because unlike a client that would sugarcoat the rejection, she was ruthless. We went back on Pinterest and she saw this curvy landscape graphic and asked if I could do something like that. I think I can and I like it even more than the original concept so win-win. Let's see where that goes.

Many paint chips and an early morning trip to Home Depot later, I'm ready to get this mural going.


Remember to follow along with the other featured designers to see where they are in Week 2 with their rooms as well as see what I started with in Week 1.

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