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Noteworthy 24

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

A few lovely notes to share on a December Friday with my loves.

Images of items described in the text by numbers

1) Shut the front door. Ikea has cork doors for the PAX cabinets. I'm smitten. 2) Minimalist geometric vibes from New Zealand via Sight Unseen have me very excited. 3) More minimalist zen beauty from New Zealand. I cannot handle the perfection that is Akito Studio. 4) I have a feeling pampas grass as decor is on its way out and wheat will be its trendy replacement this year in florals. 5) One Artisanal bedspread from Five and Six Textiles coming right up. 6) Supercool adjustable XYZ light fixture. 7) Urban Outfitters?! Is that you in a crazy tailored chair that looks like a million bucks? Mazal. 8) THIS bathroom in the Calile Hotel (Aussie, of course) had me at "so coooooool", the tile, the arches, the stone counter are all on point. 9) Speaking of arches and tilework. Loving this bathroom too (also Australian because they know what's up). Are tiled counters making a comeback. I have a feeling they are.....


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