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Noteworthy 22

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

The end of the week is always a good time to gather my thoughts. The summer has been stressful and grinding. I was hopeful that with the New Moon (I have a loopy hippy spiritual side I hide behind my design nerd front you should know) things would shift to an easier creative flow. Alas, this week has proven otherwise BUT there is a light. I'm getting jazzed about a Design Retreat hosted by Zephyr next month. They are whisking a bunch of super talented ladies to San Francisco to visit their showroom, the design district, talk shop, and eat and drink. I mean. What more can you ask for to reinfuse your creative juju? You will be seeing lots of inspo on my feed those 3 days. Bananas. Also, a thoroghly nice story about one of my recent projects whipped up by MyDomaine made me smile.

1) We will be staying at the Proper Hotel during the retreat. Designed by Kelly Wearstler, who can do no wrong. Its the designer equivalent of a trip to Menchies for my kids. Plus besides quality time with like minded designers from all over the country, I get to sleep uninterrupted for two nights in a luxury hotel. No packed lunches to be made in the mornings, no carpools to drive to school. Me time. Whaaat?! 2) I'm starting design development for a new construction beach house in Long Beach with Cape Cod influences. But clean like I do. This image from Lonny Mag is a go to for inspiration. 3) Why have I become obsessed with this Airbnb Australian cabin called Ross Farm? You had me at Japanese inspired renovation of a 1960's dairy Design Files. Its rustic minimal perfection. 4-6) Still feeling the fiber art, but I'm looking more to fiber artists that are pushing the medium and coming up with fresh compositions. I really like the work of Belensenra, PButterandJBean, and Modern Yarn 7) Gallery walls are totally still a thing when done as well as TRNK. So chic! 8) The bench at the Rachel Comey LA store is a small moment that's so so right. Where do I get one? 9) An airy loft in Brooklyn that feels more Venice Beach via Clever. I will take it, wherever it is.

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Love the dining table in Noteworthy 22

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