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Noteworthy 20

First published October 20, 2017

Its time for a bit of this and that, otherwise known as my noteworthy links. First and foremost ---- 1) I was nominated as a a Semi Finalist in Domino Magazine's first ever Design Blog Awards. This is a huge honor and the winner will be selected by popular vote. Voting every day. Please please vote for me for Best Interior Design Professionals Blog. 2) Follow #futureofsomethingcool by Studio Ritz Rabin. You won't be disappointed as their unique vision comes to life 3) Super interesting design work by Homework 4) One headboard, two beds. How clever Pappas Miron. 5) I mean, seriously?! Imagine having this dream walk in closet by Austin Bean Studio 6) Holy guacamole, beautiful new work by Ariele Alasko 7) I'm obsessing over the Nest sofa for indoor or outdoor use 8) Mini marquee light up signs are having a moment. Cute for writing little messagess to each other. 9) This vintage 1973 Seventeen Magazine image makes me so happy. If every room I designed could feel (not look) like this, I would count that as a success


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