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Noteworthy 19

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

First published November 8, 2016

Today is the kind of day we all need a major distraction from the anxiety ridden election. Let's take a mental break and think of pretty things.

1) I had the pleasure of visiting the Parachute Hotel (by the same talented team that brought you Parachute Home) in Venice Beach and man oh man did I leave feeling inspired by the beachy boho minimalism perfection. Its not only a spot to stay overnight but the single unit makes for a fantastic event space. Book it! 2) A very neat thing about the Parachute Hotel is that the design team openly shares their sources for creating the unique look which benefits the small shops they partnered with for furnishings and decor, and the visitor. 3) Speaking of unique hotel experiences, I'm digging the chic personal feel of Roost Apartment Hotel for the next time I'm in Philly... 4)  Oversized doors with oversized handles will be the next big (er, oversized) trend. I'm calling it. 5) I saw the most incredibly simply luxe handmade leather, wood and chrome Riva chair by Zele Company at the WestEdge Design Fair and I can't stop thinking about it. 6) Custom furniture with vintage accents, a funky home tour that shows with restraint on Designsponge, that also happens to be in Philedelphia. 7) This is what drought resistant SoCal backyard dreams are made of. 8) A new product collection by Caroline Z. Hurley inspired by nomadic travels, the moon, and Joshua Tree, need I say more? 9) I am not one who wears perfume, but I received Molecule 1 as a gift from Alec for our anniversary (nice work, A) and it is Ah-may-zing. I can't stop wanting to smell it. The idea is that it has no smell (but it does to me! Sandlewoody and fresh) and can be worn as a unisex scent. It is made of a single aroma molecule, Iso E which is used as the base in most perfumes. By itself, it is all you need. I wish the bottle was better designed but I am obsessed with this new scent. 


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