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Noteworthy 17

First published March 28, 2016

I'm about to go on another short trip to the Central Coast while the kiddos have their spring break. Follow the Instagram account to keep tabs on our wheelings and dealings. Before I go, here are some links worth noting. 

1) This dip dye pet teepee will be going in a project for one pampered pooch. Sometimes you just go for it.  2) Gorgeous built-in dining by the cretaive talents behind Loom Goods 3) Vintage done well in a child's room 4) Everything in the portfolio of Paris Forino is stunning, but the Corner House is next level work to be admired 5) That's a cool DIY idea for a magazine bedside holder via Fantastic Frank 6) I will be checking out this new veggie hot spot  called The Butcher's Daughter on Abbot Kinney next week with my girlfriends. I think it will win me over in decor alone 7) Its safe to say Naomi Watts nailed it by hiring Ash + Leandro to design her Tribeca loft


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