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Noteworthy 16

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

First published January 9, 2016

Lots of yummy inspiration at the start of 2016. It feels like the creative juices are flowing across the interwebs. There is so much good design out there right now it makes my head explode. Which in turn inspires the next round  and so on. In good news -  Veneer Designs has an intern and she is bright, cheerful, helpful, and talented. Good things to come in 2016.

1) And just like that, I'm not sick of 3x6 subway tile anymore. Oh the possibilities. 2) The excellent home of Annabode fills the renovation blog void The Brick House left behind. 3) Nine ways to use the impossibly cute and practical pegboard. 4) Awe inspiring landscape architecture by Surface Design Inc. 5) I bet you never saw breeze blocks look this good. 6) About to design a nursery for twins and this beauty is an excellent starting point. 7) Man, those Aussies have it figured out. File this stunner under "dream home" 8) If you had a built in nook like this in your home you would never make excuses not to read again. 9) Cute cottage reno


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