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Noteworthy 14 - Fall Edition

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

First published October 18, 2015

Its been a brutally droughty summer here in LA with days in the 90s from July-October. Finally, it has cooled down a smidge and I feel like we can enjoy autumn like the rest of the country. With that in mind, I have assembled a list of fall centric noteworthy items for this week. Let the Halloween, Fall Festival, Apple Picking, Pumpkin Patching, Cider Drinking, Thanksgiving celebrations begin.

1) My favorite nail color to indulge in for the fall is that dark blood black color popular in the late 90s called vamp. Its current "Wicked" version by Essie is fun for Halloween. 2) How lovely would it be to settle into this cane daybed from CB2 with layers and layers of cozy blankets and fluffy pillows, then read the day away on a cloudy grey autumn afternoon? 3)Too chic and crafty; use golden tribal looking tattoos on pumpkins. 4) I think copper is finally going to push brass out of the limelight this season. Point in case, these beautiful Moroccan lanterns 5) Now that's my idea of a mountain cabin retreat.  6) Now that's a toasty sweater 7) A creepy Halloween treat of Dracula dentures cookie sandwiches has me chuckling. 8) Soon soon it will be time to break out those toasty wool Pendelton blankets.


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