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Noteworthy 11

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

First published July 27, 2015

Its almost August. Is it bad that I am counting down the weeks of summer vacation before school starts again and my routine returns? 3 more weeks of camp +1 last minute spontaneous vacation week in Austin. As much as I adore summer I will be glad to welcome fall and the start of the new school year. For now, we are still very much in summer mode with my list of noteworthy items.

1) The next time my ice cream cone starts dripping faster than I can consume it, I will attempt the drip art of Giulia Bernardelli, found via Honestly WTF. 2) The summer uniform 3) Of course Jenny Kayne has a summer retreat in Lake Tahoe and of course its as effortlessly chic as she is. 4) A sweet girly nursery by the founder of Lulu and Georgia. 5) I like the relaxed layout of this shared bedroom. It would make for a lot of giggling and closeness as well as open up play space. The rest of the home tour equally compelling.  6)  I must get myself down to Lost & Found shop in Santa Monica. I have driven by as well as browsed online and it looks magnificent from all fronts. I have run out of excuses to visit in person. When the kids are back in school, that will be my time.... 7) I am working on a long term development project that will be about 2 years from completion. We are in the architectural conceptualization phases. We have blocked out the spot for the pool and since then, its all my design brain focuses on when it comes to this house. This linear pool by TaC Studios is a good starting point. 8) Jessica Comingore has shared the photographs of her completed studio space and she nailed it. Its everything I would like to achieve for my future dream work space. 9) When my contractor frees up at the end of the summer, I would like him to come over and install an accent wall of shiplap in my living room. I think it will look cool, right? image via Schoolhouse Electric.


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