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Noteworthy 10

Updated: Aug 12, 2018

First published June 19, 2015

You would probably be expecting a Father's Day centric post as we head off into this weekend, but I figured enough blogs were doing the shaving, bar lover, coffee lover, bbq themed gift guides. Instead, I will leave you with the usual round up of things that caught my eye recently.

1) A lady who loves rugs as much as I do, if not way way more. The rugmaker behind Aelfie and her fab live work space on Lonny. 2) a very simple paint diy for those rocks, er "crystals" my son brings home daily and I don't have the heart to throw out. 3) Presented as a plant guide, the styling here is the trifecta of modern boho: white painted floors, vintage rattan furniture, and indigo pillow. xoxo. 4)Yup, basically the most perfect summer shoe: clog meets color blocking. 5) Can you believe this gorgeous 600 sf space is actually a mobile home? In Paradise Cove, Malibu but still. Shot by my talented friend Amy Bartlam. 6) Midcentury and vintage done very well in Brentwood via Plastolux. 7) Mom jeans are back in? Are you kidding me?! 8) I found my dream house, this will be the inspiration for any future house I own. 9) Originality by way of a brilliant splatter ceiling.


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