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Mother's Day Gift Guide

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

First published May 9, 2018

You guys, don't forget your mamas. Mother's Day is this Sunday and although a handmade card or gift is always treasured  --- it never hurts to supplement with some tasteful trinkets that will make her heart melt. I put together a quick guide to help you grab those last minute gifts if you haven't planned or thought of anything.

1) an old school Polaroid camera and film bundle will get her off her phone. She takes all the family photos and captures the small moments like no one else. Let her have a little fun doing it. 2) Two is better than one ring with the names of two children. Love the idea and execution. 3) A delicate Mama necklace to wear proudly. 4) I'm all about layering necklaces so let's consider a modern constellation medallion - one for each child. 5) Instead of flowers, what about a cheeky planter that will last forever because no way its dying on her watch. 6) Moving on from the sparkley stuff, original art will blow her away - like a small canvas by Sarah Madeira Day 7) A cast iron Japanese tea pot with a collection of tea to find her moment of zen each afternoon. 8) With intriguing mugs to drink her tea or coffee out of. 9) A hip new Shop Bara mudcloth and leather cross body bag to carry all of your stuff, which you know she does. 


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