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Modern Kids Rooms Design

First published April 18, 2018

Did you catch our modern kids room design on 100 Layer Cakelet today? Yay. Designing kids' rooms and nurseries is one of our most favorite and rewarding projects to take on. Creating a space that inspires little minds while exercising our inner childhood fantasies is a total win win. Balancing comfort, style, function and versatility, with a touch of sophisticated whimsy is the overall goal. And honestly, instilling good design sense from the get go is never a bad idea as far as we’re concerned.

One interior design trend we like right out the gate for our kid’s room designs is wallpaper. Whether it’s an accent wall, a mural wall, or the entire room, nothing works a child’s mind quite like a wall full of movement or vibrant pattern.

That’s not to say subtle backdrops aren’t just as effective in creating a playful kids space, but when opting out of wallpaper then the fun comes in with the accessories. Cutsie prints, wall hangings, garlands, 3D wall mounted characters, and modern mobiles work together to make a space personalized, unique and tailored to each family’s aesthetic. Pops of colorful accent pieces like pillows, throws, rugs, and wooden toys or stuffies are the glue that ties a modern kid’s room together and creates an overall theme.

As far as furniture choices, Veneer has an affinity towards mid-century modern design as you know, so naturally we opt for this style for the larger pieces in children’s rooms. We hope to have the rooms grow with the children through their teen years which means timeless and high quality furniture pieces. Splurging on a vintage dresser, bookcase or nightstand in here will not only withstand your toddlers daily wear and tear but it will come out the other side as a perfectly worn token of memorabilia in their future teenage hang out.

Make it cute. Make it personal. And baskets! So many baskets for messy toys.


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