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Inspired by: Moroccan Blue

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

I'm seeing a shade of Moroccan blue coming in strong, did it ever go out of style, no. Is it inspiring the design community in a strong way. It may have resonated with all things Marrakesh and that special cobalt blue unique to Marjorelle Garden (via Dore) that has had a domino effect on our collective psyche, as things tend to do.

I have noticed this deep blue shade in the Dutton Brown monarch sconce, pillows, Tabraka tile, Zia zellige tile, Freya puff sleeve sweater, Block Shops rug, Pigeon Toe Ceramics bowls, Dina No ceramics, The Granite collage vase, Clare V scarf, Boujad Rugs Berber rug. Have you seen it too?

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