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Home Update: The Shiplap Wall

Updated: Sep 15, 2018

First published November 14, 2015

Alec and I have been itching to buy a new home. Actually a beater we can gut and remodel to our specifications. We love our townhome but there is only so much you can do within.  We have been diligently saving our pennies for the right time and location, but how do you feel ok about the home you have grown tired of?  The answer is shiplap! Yeah baby.

Listen, the before was totally acceptable. I was bored with the gray painted accent wall and was pining to try something different. The ship lap is an inexpensive exterior siding material that once sanded and painted brings a ton of character and texture to my living and dining area without the busyness of an art wall.

BEFORE: totally fine. Probably too heavy and dark if I am being honest.

PROGRESS: If you are interested in seeing how the ship lap is installed by my wonderful contractor, Jose.

Bit by bit the now ugly (to me) wall gets covered by bare wood panels.

After nailing. a little sanding and caulking to smooth out the rough edges. Then paint.

AFTER: Light and bright. An excuse to swap out pillows and rugs, and wall hanging. Tee hee hee.

Yes, my dining area got a few upgrades too. The Big Sure table and bentwood Thonet chairs are not going any where, but I added white S chairs to the mix, and took down the gallery wall in favor a pared down trio on the wall.

I feel like the living space finally captures my (current) essence and represents my brand (!). Making these changes had a domino effect on more rooms in the house that I will share with you this week. For now, a few more detail shots by the brilliant Amy Bartlam.


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