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Holiday 2018 Color Story

Updated: Feb 22, 2019

A new color story. I was thinking about how the rust/mustard/blush combo made a huge impact on our collective psyche this summer and fall. As much as its absolutely perfect to transition to a trendy Thanksgiving tablescape, its almost too obvious, ya know. Super pretty no doubt, but I want something fresh.

Collage of various wintry holiday tablescapes

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A classic red and green girl I am not. I love the season, but we also celebrate Chanukah so pure red and green feels not quite right for me personally. I also resist the urge to consume more and do 2-3 different tablescapes, one for each holiday considering Thanksgiving + Chanukah + Christmas. I want one and done...which got me thinking. My home is a mix of earthy neutral tones and the only seasonal color that would look really good with it is green. Natural shades of green with my oatmeal and wheat hued home feels festive and dare I say homespun Scandinavian. I'm into it!

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There is a foraged wild feel to this table scape inspiration. Wheat, pampas (having THE moment in 2018), and pine cones for shades of brown and tan. Mixed with pine and eucalyptus branches for the greens. Creamy white florals. A neutral earthy table scape with rustic notes. Then weave in gold to elevate it for the holiday. To bring it to life beyond the florals and greenery, may I recommend brass candlesticks, wood bead garland, wood charger, a beige linen tablecloth, gold flatware, green border cream napkins, wishbone chair, stemmed wine glass, green and beige grinders


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