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Design Inspo: Arches

Arches have been around since the days of Ancient Egypt and really had their day in the sun with Romans. What seems like an obvious and traditional architectural design element is taking on a fresh new perspective. Yes, its wonderful for massive structures, but its also a delight on the smaller scale.

1-2) I noticed Parachute Home had a field day with the use of arches in both their new NYC store and Silverlake shop. Simply beautiful retail design work. 3) The work of Batik Studio makes me look at arches in a brand new light. They can me minimalist and brilliant. 4) Winwood McKenzie makes arched doorways irresistible. 5) Arguitectura-G breathed new life into ancient openings with their restoration project. 6-8) Trust me when I tell you you don't need to remodel your house to incorporate the arch form in smaller moves. From a stunning light fixture to something as simple as an art print. Or even a painted headboard like the sweet ones conceptualized by My Dearest Vintage for her daughters' room.

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I usually like clean, straight lines in decor, but these arches are beautiful too.

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