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Cacti Moment

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

First published March 17, 2016

In SoCal, I appreciate how hardy cacti grow in wild abundant sculptural formations as you walk along ugly concrete streets. Its nice to see their popularity is spreading to other parts of the country where the climate may not be as amenable in the form of indoor planters, framed prints, wallpaper, and murals. Tropical palm fronds are so last year, hello sweet prickly cactus.

1) Cacti are so popular here in LA, they have an entire shop devoted to just them in the epicenter of cool, Echo Park - The Cactus Store. Image by Almost Makes Perfect 2) A cactus is a wonderful low maintenance plant for an indoor planter, as long as it gets plenty of sunshine. Image by Benttgarden 3) A wall sticker by WallsNeedLove can give an illusion of a tall saguaro growing indoors 4) The gorgeous work of Wilder California captures the ethereal essence of our cacti friends 5) One of my clients clued me into the print it yourself poster option by Sycamore Street Press 6) IF you are feeling true love and are ready for the commitment, Milton & King offers a pretty cactus wallpaper 7) Anewall Decor makes a large watercolor mural size installation, lovely for a nursery 8) A sweet art print from Society 6 to grace your walls.

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Ray Hopkins
Ray Hopkins
Jul 31, 2022

Thank you for beeing you

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