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Bedroom Suite Update

My bedroom suite is something I have been tinkering with and obsessing over all summer. Hey, we all needed our Covid related distractions and I gave myself quite the to do list. Now that it's complete, I'm ready walk you through all of the upgrades and changes we have made.

Many many things to absorb in this view. It all started in May when Alec and I decide to greenlight the new glass doors and build the deck outside our bedroom that we had been dreaming of since we bought the house. With no day camps or travel plans in sight, we decided to allocate those funds like many people and it took a minute to get the quote and a crew over to build the deck.

While that was in the works, we focused on the other side of the room where our sad little shared closet lives. The dinky bi-fold doors were a disaster and what laid beyond was even worse.


I worked with the design consultant at The Container Store to design the organized built in closet of my dreams. This is the Avera line in the Dune finish. It looks good enough to take off the closet doors and offers the feel of a modern walk in closet in a quarter of the space. It also keeps me organized and honest about my capsule wardrobe.

With a new deck to look out on from our bed, I wanted to get higher off the ground than our previous low platform bed and I brought in this Tessu bed from Article. Simple lines, great price. As you can see I doubled down on the beige and layered t in through bedding, rugs, and art.

The art above the bed is a DIY. I used leftover house paint, spray paint, and plaster from my garage and threw them onto a canvas to create a larger piece above the headboard for the cost of the canvases. Textural plaster art is big right now and wanted to give it a whirl. It was super easy and a nice creative outlet. The Apt 2B Chloe nightstands I "borrowed" from Ilana's room because they were too nice to stay with her. Come to mama. For summer bedding, the beige bed is sporting crisp and light organic cotton Boll & Branch Signature Hemmed sheets in Dune.

Let's talk about that stunner of a light? I realized we never used the utilitarian fan I installed when we moved in thinking we needed it because we don't have AC. I got tired of looking up at that dusty boring thing. I upgraded to a stunning gold leaf Florko chandelier from Lightology (such a great source. They carry literally any style light you can imagine or need). I feel like I'm looking up at a glowing harvest moon now. Much better.

Our corner double glass door condition creates an interesting condition. The only way to legitimately install window coverings is to go custom. Of course I used The Shade Store (my go to for every project). I selected ripple fold drapery in a single panel that turns the corner. The fabric is their new Shoreline fabric in the Reed color. I love the organic woven crunchy texture of the linen wool blend. I find the shade and heft of the fabric extremely comforting.

Here is a closer look at the yummy fabric and the new Dux Jetson lounge chair to decorate the blank corner. Its a lesser known icon yet a very nice alternative to the ubiquitous Eames lounge chair. It takes up a more petite footprint and the ergonomic design behind it is brilliant. Its a shockingly comfortable chair. This is the flax version with brown leather trim.

Not much changed on the dresser. A little more styling with a beautiful print by Nicki Sebastian and a vintage 80s plaster lamp. A balance between minimalist and cluttered. I think I'm right there.

Moving into the bathroom, a few tweaks here as well. The biggest add on was a wide roller shade on the picture window. Before it had been screened in for privacy. Now with the addition of a seating area on the new deck directly outside the window, a roller shade from the Shade Store for privacy became a priority. I would have gone with a natural woven shade but they don't come in widths to span the 102" large window. Instead, I chose the Perri material in the Stone color for its subtle pattern and durability in moist environments.

Over the tub I changed the light fixture to the bananas Emerson chandelier also from Lightology. Its amazing! Another subtle DIY is the addition of Portola Paints Roman Clay treatment in Piano room to the wall behind the tub. It adds a warmth and soft layered texture to create a beautiful feature in the bathroom.

The DIY install took longer than I had anticipated. Two layers of the Roman clay treatment. Drying. Sanding. A layer of top coat for moisture protection and a slight sheen. But the results are well worth it and I love how the plaster is the exact same shade of the wall tile glaze.

The last little change here was swapping out the cabinet knobs to oversized wood balls from Pretty Pegs. It's a tiny change but the details matter in making a space feel refreshed from top to bottom without a heavy renovation.


That was a pretty thorough catalogue of the updates I made inside. Tomorrow I will take yu outside and show you what we accomplished there.

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