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Bedroom Refresh

Its been exactly a year since I updated my bedroom and I changed it again because I can't NOT not redecorate every room in my house. The bed is still there to ground the room but everything else shifted ever so slightly to give it a different feel.

The art maybe was the impetus for the change. I happened upon the estate sale of modernist artist Sherry Schrut (heaven!) and the ethereal pastel canvas took the room in a different direction.

  • Larger 9x12 solid gold beige rug to ground the room and reduce pattern distractions that would fight the art. Layering rugs felt too busy and the jute rug from before wasn't luxe enough to pair with the art.

  • Textural sustainable bedding from Seeds Concept coordinate well with the rug.

  • Mismatched nightstands for a minimal and chic look. Coast nightstand from Sltwtr Co paired with an Isabella chair from Stowed Home. I realized the flat seat could function as a bedside table top.

  • The lantern light pendant brought humble zen vibes to the room. I appreciate that its made of fabric and not delicate rice paper like most.

  • As much as I adored the Danish modern secretary desk, I needed a change and thought the contrast of a simple antique wood dresser would help create an interesting energy in the room.

  • I added modern touches like a plaster lamp and art (a printed canvas from Minted)

I really like the play of modern and aged pieces, simple and refined all working together in the space now. We will see how long I last before I change it again. Kidding, not kidding.

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