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Antique Urns

I have fallen for antique urns and amphoras. I know, I know....nothing about this seems like it would fit my style. And yet, and yet...there is something quite appealing about the familiar form of oil and water vessels from the time of antiquity with the an earthy patina that clay would get. Perhaps in these especially complicated times, the simple shapes and textures are comforting. I also must admit that taking cues from other more traditional designers, these vessels with a few cut branches in them immediately elevate the space. Like a breath of fresh air.

Sources: Colin King / Jenni Kayne / Camille Styles / All Sorts Of / Shelly Morris Interiors

I dug in deep and found many urns in all price points. My heart be still. I cannot wait to get my hands on one, or half a dozen, and get to styling.

1) Olive Oil Jar 2) Poetry Pot 3) Amelia Vase Collection 4) Ray Terra Cotta Urn 5) Zentique Urn 6) Artisan Hand Painted Vases 7) Terra Cotta Pot Planter 8) Terra Cotta Cretian Oil Jar 9) Antique Turkish Olive jars

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