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A New and Exciting Kitchen Backsplash

Updated: Feb 3, 2020

Along the heels of the shower tile redo, I had a kitchen backsplash redo in the works too. As long as you have a builder's attention, you may as well get all of your wishlist in one go. This kitchen backsplash drove me bananas from day 1. Like the bathroom, I didn't follow my own advice and I installed in stock cheaper tile to get it done. What was I thinking? Why didn't I wait on a custom tile I really loved? At the time I was going for minimal and that's AOK. But what wasn't OK was that the tile was textured and installed poorly. The installer put the grout on, walked away for too long, got distracted and when he came back it was too dried on to wipe away. The grout was stuck in the textured surface of the tile and I was furious. I ordered more tile and had them rip it out and redo it. And it still didn't look great and I gave up and just wanted them to leave. Oof. It was fine, but I kicked myself for not doing more and better.


Two years later I was ready to address the issue and create something really special in the kitchen I already loved so much. Enter Zia Tile with their Bishop 4" cement tile. I happened upon this magical little beast when they sent me a random collection of samples. Companies send designers little packages of items they think we might like but may not know about and its a smart move. Talk about DISCOVERY. As soon as I saw the Bishop tile in the Jaipur pink and bone color I was smitten. I showed it to a client for her bathroom floor and she was on the fence. I thought, why not, I'll do it for my own kitchen. It's too good not to use.

The reason I was so enchanted by the tile is all the pattern possibilities. I liked playing the Xs and Os. The energy it created is palpable. I chose to strategically center the convergence of the pattern over the range and over the bar as focal points.

While I was at it I upgraded the dinky hood vent insert to a more powerful Monsoon II model by Zephyr. You may remember I was jonesing to get one in my house since we installed one in our desert cabin.

It only took 5 days total of downtime and so worth it. The minute anyone walks into the kitchen they feel a new inviting warmth.

At the home bar area, it was an original built-in desk that we added a countertop to and made into the bar. Totally cute but I was ready to take it to the next level. I raised the top from the 29" desk height to the 36" counter height and added more tile to that area. It looks awesome with the vintage stone surrounding the fireplace. I then had a new space to slip in an undercounter wine cooler by Zephyr Preserv in black steel (edgy contrast people!) and make it a real deal home bar. So much better!


The craziest thing is that Alec loves it. I thought it would be a huge leap to go pink but the tone is subtle, dusty, earthy that it doesn't feel too feminine at all. Actually, everyone loves it. I'm so happy I did this.

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