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A Mini Dining Room Refresh

First published January 21, 2017

I have been pining over Cesca chairs for years and years. I love their standing in the modern design canon and the that way too many people had a knock off version in their mother's eighties kitchen. I love that people think they are ugly and I think they are incredible specimens of designs.  ANYWAY, after hemming and hawing I finally pulled the trigger.

About the same time, Lighting Society reached out to me to see if I was interested in using one of their lighting fixtures in my work. Once I caught sight of the stylish Thurston chandelier I gladly decided to collaborate. I have been into oversized lighting over dining areas of late, and I like that it offers high end style in an affordable way.

The last piece of the equation was new art. I'm obsessed with Amy Bartlam's large scale fine art photography prints of Joshua Tree. Obsessed to the point that I coerced her to sell them through me exclusively. I wanted to stare at these two beautiful landscapesside by side each day and hung 24x30 prints above my sideboard to capture the minimally organic modern California cool feel I was after for my dining space. 

All the parts and pieces go together really well now. Like it was meant to be all along.


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