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A Beachy Boho Living Room

Updated: Oct 13, 2018

A calming formal living room set the vibes for a modern boho house I recently completed in the beachy community of Westchester, Los Angeles. As soon as you walk in you know this is the house of one laid back and inviting family. I have had a lovely response to this space and now the break down.

The sofa my client had already bought with a previous designer that didn't work out for her. It happens sometimes; clients start with someone else based on a recommendation who doesn't jive with their goals and aesthetics. Then after ordering a few pieces, the cords are cut, and I come in to show them the design process can be collaborative and they will be heard. I highly recommend that you always look deep in the designer's portfolio before you hire them to make sure their style resonates with you. Not base a hire on a recommendation alone. A good designer for someone else may not be the right designer for you.

Ignore my tangent, back on track --> we had the Pottery Barn York sofa to work around. Its a drop traditional for my taste as far as slipcover sofas go, but its a blank enough that we made it fit in with our boho minimalist set up.

What better way to underscore the beachy vibes than a large drum coffee table with weathered woody hues? It also helps fill the floor area and visually connect the sofa to the fireplace. I dropped in two accent chairs, both sculpturally interesting and low for lounging. These can float around the room as needed depending on who is hanging there and why. Keep it casual. The leather Citizenry butterfly chair is the spot for playing a ukele - my client really plays (!)

A few key pieces of fine art photography to capture the natural Cali cool atmosphere we are creating. These include La Pampa by Denis Crew and County Line by Max Wanger.

The key to accomplishing the modern boho look is to layer textiles. But for me, a signature move is to keep it clean and uncluttered by being quite discerning about which textiles I layer. I narrowed it down to the windows -- seagrass shades layered with sheer linen drapery. And the rugs - black and white flatweave over a bigger seagrass rug. And here is the trick - edgy black trim on the rug and black hardware for the window treatments to keep it feeling a little rock n roll and not too ethereal. A nice mix of ethnic fabric pillows and we can call it a day (at the beach).


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