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2018 Trends

Fist published January 1, 2018

Its the first day of 2018 when I assign myself the task of diciphering which style cues to take in the coming year. It feels like trends cycle through quicker than ever on Instagram where I am first introduced to new ideas, and then quickly get over saturated seeing them repeated over and over. I try not to get swept up by trends per say, and aim to keep my designs timelessly modern. But it is nice to know what's up and choose how much you want to use it in your own work. Here is what I am seeing a lot of and liking.

1-2) Pampas grass. This Pampas cloud installation almost broke the Instagram because it is breathlessly STUNNING. And inspired many of us. I have been seeing more and more dramatically flowy and abundant pampas grasses used in event styling and there is no reason not to go crazy with it in this moment. Its not a huge investment and makes any tablescape or backdrop installation feel current and natural.

3-6) Terrazzo is back and in a big way. I couldn't be happier about that. I never thought it should go out of style and since my house has terrazzo floors originally from the 60s, I'm doubling down on this trend. It provides a funky polished texture to floors and walls. The current mixes have bigger particles and unique color blends. Whether its a custom install or you buy it by the tile or slab, its a costly investment so make sure you love it no matter how trends evolve. Luckily there are inexpensive ways to bring a little terrazzo into your life, like furniture, novelty notebooks and bookends.

7-9) Eighties inspired furniture are coming back too. I like these whimsical futuristic Italianesque colors and forms. Seeing these graphic combinations makes me smile. Part nostalgia, part pushing the envelope, lots of fun. You will see this more in restaurants and retail than homes.

Maybe more reimagining of past trends than new concepts, but that's AOK in my book.


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