Mark S.


Lori G.


Matt C.

Working with Natalie was an unexpected pleasure and crucially she provides one much needed added service which she is an expert in. 
I started working with Natalie literally because of a Pinterest post and we met and she sort of heard what I had in mind and over a series of meetings she pulled it together exactly as I wanted. Did I mention also it was in budget! 
Typically the drawings are done and you sail off to a General Contractor and largely have to fend for yourself. But Natalie has years of experience in big time project management and that comes to the fore here as she is intimately involved in the build out. No matter how small a problem she was always there to not only help but to work through the challenges with the GC. 
In simple layman speak there was only one change order throughout a six figure remodel and that was small and due to a preexisting condition uncovered in demo. 
We had a wonderful experience and now have a huge kitchen eating area wonderfully designed with great simplicity. Certainly I want to work with Natalie again and I cant recommend her enough. She is clear and always focused and what could have driven me crazy was fun and well managed. Design + Deadline + Budget = Success.

It's not an exaggeration to say that Natalie Myers is a creative visionary who will transform your space into a gorgeous and stylish but also comfortable and functional home. I had never used a designer before but wanted to freshen up our space and knew that I needed guidance. I wanted a modern aesthetic but one that had personality and warmth and didn't look like an impersonal case goods showroom like so many modern spaces do. Natalie and her team at Veneer listened carefully to our family's particular and sometimes tricky needs for a smaller home -- including an office area in the master bedroom -- and thoughtfully brought in a collection of modern, mid-century, vintage, and bohemian textiles and pieces to create a wholly unique, sophisticated, and chic living space beyond anything I'd imagined. They also found a way to avoid more costly built-ins in two of the rooms that I thought would need them, and were conscious of my budget throughout the process. Natalie and her associate Kaitrin were extremely patient in opening my mind to new ideas and styles and I can't thank them enough for that. The result is high-end but with a very personal and organic feel, and when people come over, they want to know how I got my home to look like this. (Even my son's friends say, "Whoa, cool room!" -- this from tween boys who don't normally notice design.) I tell them, "Call Veneer."

Natalie is absolutely incredible at her job and my experience with her was pure perfection in every way. Natalie has a beautiful vision for the overall project, is filled with unique ideas, is collaborative, ahead of schedule, up front and fair with her pricing, respects her client’s privacy, detail oriented, on budget, always available, supportive, highly organized, and very thoughtful. 

All of these exceptional traits that Natalie possesses combine to make your precious space come to life in a way that captures your own personal spirit. Now when guests walk into my house after my project with Natalie, they feel comfortable, calm, inspired, positive, and instantly at home. That is a credit to Natalie’s talent and her ability to turn a space into something deeply special. Natalie is born to excel at this profession and has earned my highest recommendation possible.

Lynn N.

Natalie helped my husband and me plan and execute a remodel of our house. It was built in 1939 and remodeled in 1986 and the flooring, paint, countertops, appliances, lighting and finishes were all badly in need of updating. Natalie had a great vision right from the beginning of how to modernize everything but do it in way that wouldn't clash with the existing house. She not only guided us through the hundreds of decisions that had to be made, but also hooked us up with a great contractor that she uses frequently. She acted as the liaison between us and him most of the time. This was really helpful as we both work full time and were going to be traveling for part of the construction period. 
Natalie's taste and suggestions were almost always spot on. She had lots of great ideas that we never would have considered. When we did want more options she was great about getting back to us right away with excellent choices. I can't imagine how difficult and time-consuming it would have been for us to figure all this out on our own...and the results would not have been anything like the wonderful house we ended up with. 
Natalie was highly responsive, always getting back to us quickly and adhering to the timetable she set out for us. Unlike most construction projects, this one came in mostly on time and on budget, even with some unexpected added jobs. She is really friendly and easy to get along with, but also very professional. She's super creative but also super organized -- a great combination. Natalie's pricing for all her services, including construction supervision, was very reasonable. We recommend her highly.