Veneer Designs

Castle Heights Residence

An expecting couple reached out to me a month after moving into their newly purchased 2 bedroom bungalow in the Castle Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. They were easy going and full of good humor but anxious to feel settled before their little one arrived in 20 weeks. They had visited various showrooms and knew their overall style but wouldn't dare to pull the trigger on any major purchases and needed someone to come in and nest for them. I was elated to devise a design scheme for the living room, dining area, den, and nursery. All their old furniture was sold on Craigslist and we started with a clean slate. From major pieces to the smallest detail accessory, a mix of big box and vintage with artisan details, I had the easiest time transforming this small unassuming home into a jewel box of a space.

Its all about the details and this project was nearly impossible to edit. Every where your eye traveled there was something beautiful to linger - the ethnic textiles, the mid-century profiles, warm sheepskins, and funky metals. These images offer just a peek into the magical yet classicly modern ambiance created.

All photography by the talented Amy Bartlam

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