Meet the Team

Little did you know this because it took months to get their bios in, but I have two lovely Assistant Designers helping get sh*t done here at Veneer Designs. Not to brag, but my team is prettier, smarter, and more talented than your team ;)


One fine afternoon we found a white wall, happened to all be wearing black, and took our profile pictures to make it legit. 

Veneer Designs-30.jpg

First up we have Phoebe, who came on board in January 2016. She is wise, detailed, and her background in both architecture and photography makes her an immense asset to the work we do. Her commitment to the quality of the work is invaluable and she just happens to be as sweet and sincere as you would dare to imagine.

Veneer Designs-4.jpg

In the summer of 2016, Kaitrin joined the team. Kaitrin has a spunky energy and a passion for trend forward design. She brings a casual sophistication into the mix and a unique viewpoint to organic modern decor. We are lucky to have her devotion and her wise cracks to keep things lively.

Read their full bios on the About page and get to know them in person if we end up working together.

Dreaming of Joshua Tree

Joshua Tree is one of my favorite places to visit. Its 2 hours east from the urban congestion of LA, maybe 30 minutes north of the glamour and bustle of Palm Springs, and once you get there it feels like a million miles away from earth. A moonscape. The National Park itself is a natural wonder, but the general atmosphere of the tiny town is a little magical. Earthy, artistic, relaxed, and inspired.

jt 1.jpg
jt 5.jpg

I have been eyeing a few AirBNB getaways that capture the spirit of the locale: spartan, sun faded kilims, Western long horns, vintage 70's brass and macrame, found natural objects, nomad meets mystic, midentury meets rustic. They all seem wonderful and they are usually booked when I want to stay there. Lodging in Joshua Tree in general is pretty affordable like the Pionertown Motel or Spin and Margie's Desert Hideaway

Amber of Lasso Abode fame introduced me to the Joshua Tree House website that can show you where to buy the same items that they showcase in their Joshua Tree home. Including her gorgeous pillows (the Veneer shop sells a capsule collection of the entry level version). Brilliant. 

If you don't see yourself getting out to Joshua Tree any time in the near future, the Veneer shop carries stunning larger scale fine print photography prints by Amy Bartlam that will make your heart skip a beat and take you there.

They are all so so good, a series o 2 or 3 wouldn't hurt.

Family Friendly Design

Domino Magazine posted a feature today about family friendly design that they asked me to be a part of. The deadline was tight and in a pinch, my lovely design assistant Phoebe was able to run over and grab these delicious shots of my cuties playing in our home. I was honored as always to be tapped by Domino, and tickled pink to have these outtakes to share. Head on over to their site for a detailed read about how 7 different designing moms approach making their interiors kid friendly. 

Natalie Myers-18.jpg
Natalie Myers-16.jpg
Natalie Myers-24.jpg
Natalie Myers-19.jpg
Natalie Myers-21.jpg
Natalie Myers-31.jpg
Natalie Myers-32.jpg
Natalie Myers-34.jpg

Its a Thing

You know what I have noticed lately - hanging a collection of your fashionable fedoras to create a gallery wall. Smart, chic, different. I like it. 

Sources: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7 

Sources: 12/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7 

This goes hand in hand with the natural texture, ethnic notes, and economical appeal of a basket gallery wall.

8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13

8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13

So that leaves one obvious arrangement....hats + baskets! Brilliant by Mindy Gayer.

hat basket.jpg