Family Friendly Design

Domino Magazine posted a feature today about family friendly design that they asked me to be a part of. The deadline was tight and in a pinch, my lovely design assistant Phoebe was able to run over and grab these delicious shots of my cuties playing in our home. I was honored as always to be tapped by Domino, and tickled pink to have these outtakes to share. Head on over to their site for a detailed read about how 7 different designing moms approach making their interiors kid friendly. 

Natalie Myers-18.jpg
Natalie Myers-16.jpg
Natalie Myers-24.jpg
Natalie Myers-19.jpg
Natalie Myers-21.jpg
Natalie Myers-31.jpg
Natalie Myers-32.jpg
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Its a Thing

You know what I have noticed lately - hanging a collection of your fashionable fedoras to create a gallery wall. Smart, chic, different. I like it. 

Sources: 1/ 2/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7 

Sources: 12/ 3/ 4/ 5/ 6/ 7 

This goes hand in hand with the natural texture, ethnic notes, and economical appeal of a basket gallery wall.

8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13

8/ 9/ 10/ 11/ 12/ 13

So that leaves one obvious arrangement....hats + baskets! Brilliant by Mindy Gayer.

hat basket.jpg

Custom Live Edge Table

Along with the ridiculous cement tile fireplace for the Mar Vista home, I got the opportunity to design and oversee fabrication of a gorgeous live edge dining table. I went to House of Hardwood (where we found the mantel wood) and worked with David to create a true work of art. 

Veneer Designs - Rose-11.jpg

The first step was choosing a one of kind slab of wood, Monkeypod to be exact. chose the slab first.

table wood.JPG

Then I figured out the best sizing and created a simple plan for how to use the monkey pod slab as the table top and black walnut wood for the table legs and seamless benches. two to be exact.

Morton live edge custom table Rev.jpg

David estimated 2-3 weeks which I thought was optimistic. In fact, it took closer to 10 weeks which makes more sense to me given all the details and labor this table required. It was super worth the wait. Look at this beauty.

Veneer Designs - Rose-18.jpg
Veneer Designs - Rose-16.jpg
Veneer Designs - Rose-15.jpg
Veneer Designs - Rose-12.jpg
Veneer Designs - Rose-19.jpg
Veneer Designs - Rose-14.jpg
Photography by Phoebe Chauson

Photography by Phoebe Chauson

Yup, incredible. My client loves her table and the fact that it is a one of kind piece. It ended up costing about $3500 including materials and labor which is comparable to a pre-made showroom  live edge slab table. Not too bad price wise and super special.

Noteworthy 18

Happy Friday. In LA, we are expecting a heatwave and it really does feel like summer now. No more waking up to June Gloom grey skies and waiting for it to clear out after lunch. We have been waking up to sunny happy clear skies and I'm in a summer head space. A collection of the latest goodies on the interwebs.

notes 18.jpg

1) This e-design bedroom for Ava Styles by Decorist is amaze balls. It makes me want to redo my bedroom, again. That bed. 2) That's my kind of minimalist zen meditation space, too bad its in NYC. 3) I'm slightly obsessed with the 3 ladies behind Three Birds Renovations. Best friends who started a flipping business together in Australia and seem to be having a blast doing it. Pink bathroms are becoming a thing again. With clean lines, light woods, and paired with copper or matte black fixtures. As seen in bathrooms 4) 5) and 6). 7) A super interesting shelving design 8) Backyard patio goals for summer lounging 9) I want to go there. It could be LA but its probably Morocco.  At least I can buy a rug or two from Tigmi Trading

Domino List of 10 Up and Coming Designers

Domino Magazine has been very very good to me. More than 10 years ago it captured that effortlessly pulled together yet youthfully energetic home we all aspired to create. "That's so Domino" is definitely a saying I think to myself on the daily because they have been able to capture a certain viewpoint that speaks to me and many. Domino posted two of my projects and will be sharing another this month. The exposure from Domino alone has really upped my game, but now that they named me one of ten up coming designers to know, I'm speechless and beyond grateful. 

I have been very lucky to work on a few higher end homes this year and because of publications like Domino, the clients give me the breathing space to be creative and try new combinations or concepts. There is a trust inherent in the designer if you have been called out by the industry as someone who knows what she is doing and can take interiors in a new direction. I'm sure this latest honor will grant me even more creative freedoms and I'm excited to see what that results in. Its as much of a surprise to me as to you at the end. Here a few images from recent projects to remind myself I'm on the right track and taking my work in a good direction.


Don't forget to congratulate the other talents from Domino's list:

Consort Design, Kate Marker, Kelly Nutt, Hannah Crowell, Kelly Deck, Claire Brody, Kristen Cadwallader, Jana Bek, and Jenny Wolf

Giant Dreamcatcher DIY

I have had my eye on those ginormous bohemian dreamcatchers for a while. I see them at craft fairs, in store display windows, and as the new de rigeur wedding backdrop. They sell for upwards of $150-$500 depending on the size. Totally worth the price for the handwork and man hours that goes into making one, but I was wondering if I could make one on my own....and maybe my children's summer camp crafting gave me the crafting bug. 


I can be crafty but I also want it to take barely any time and look perfect upon completion, which is a tall order. Luckily, I stumbled my way through figuring out how to make a giant dreamcatcher for Ilana's bedroom for about $50 in materials and 2-2.5 hours. Not too bad. Its much girlier than I would want it to be. We had to compromise.  She wanted more color and more sparkle. I wanted to take a less is more approach. Since I was making it, I won with a simple crochet version and just a touch of glittery flair. 

dream 2.jpg

A few materials: hoola hoop, doily, white cotton twine, ribbons, beads, and fabric glue and scissors. I went for bohemian type beads - god's eyes and crystals. Ilana chose the irridescent ball beads. I started by wrapping simple white 1" wide ribbon around the hoop to cover the pink plastic.

dream 3.jpg

Once the hoop was covered I centered a large white doily on the floor and loosely threaded it with the white twine between the outer edges of the doily and the hoop, back and forth, until I had completed the circle. I then tightened the twine so the doily was still centered and wrapped a knot around the hoop. I added another round of twine pulled tight so that the surface of the doily was taut. I could have probably gotten away with one round but I wanted it to be strong. Once I was confident the doily was secure and the twine wouldn't unravel, I started decorating. Ribbons, beads, etc. I was a little disappointed with the ribbon. I had bought 4 spools in 9 yd lengths and it barely made a dent. Ilana likes it that way so its cool. I can always add more in the future. I was also pretty strict about beads. I didn't want too much to weigh the doily down and make it slump. I used just a few super special ones. I can add more strands of beads in place of ribbons in the future as well. In general, Ilana is ecstatic and my crafting itch has been scratched for a while. Give it a try. I would add leather strands, feathers, crystals, and wood beads if it wasn't going in a little girl's room.