Projects in Process

If you follow me on Instagram you know exactly what I'm up to in real time. But for those of you who do not, I wanted to check in and give you a little status update on the roster of super cool projects I have stirring in the pot...

Field trip to Abbot Kinney Blvd. to oggle Hasami Japanese porcelain dishes at Tortoise General Store

Field trip to Abbot Kinney Blvd. to oggle Hasami Japanese porcelain dishes at Tortoise General Store

First up we have a kitchen remodel in Pacific Palisades. A couple of creatives who are recent transplants from NYC engaged me in December to design a modern kitchen with nods to both the home's midcentury architecture and the earthiness of the California crafts movement. This kitchen and adjoining living room turned out to be like nothing I have ever completed before - equal parts modern and vintage inspired, natural and edgy. We are finishing up the final details and I can get the beauty shots this summer.

Color blocking kitchen cabinets mixed in with mahogany fronts

Color blocking kitchen cabinets mixed in with mahogany fronts

I'm still working with a very sweet newlywed couple on the house up North in Pacific Heights neighborhood of San Francisco. Working remotely means I can't micromanage affairs as closely as I would like and things move slowly. But they are easygoing about it and don't mind the pace. I flew in for the day to see how things were coming along. It was a gorgeous day - no fog in Fog City. They are indeed putting their outdoor lounge furniture to use.


There is a new luxury high rise in town called Ten Thousand and I was lucky enough to be tapped by a previous client's sister to do her bachelorette pad. Another departure from my typical style into glam territory. Its good to get out of your comfort zone and try on new styles to see how they fit. This one is looking pretty dope. Airy, light, ethereal, and glam.


A bachelor pad in Echo Park is coming along. Its funny to work on a bachelor pad concurrently. This place is obviously masculine, Nordic, spartan. The yin to the yang of the Ten Thousand project.

Did I tell you I was working on a juice bar in New Jersey???!! Its thrilling to be involved on that with the owner who I now consider a friend. Her dream of being a shop owner is coming to life and helping make it happen for her is very fulfilling. There has been a considerable amount of push back from the (male) architects and contractors she is working with telling her she "can't" do this or that in my design (because they don't get it). I'm glad she is pushing back and insisting on getting it built per my vision, and that I can be her advocate. Girrrl power. Opening this summer....


These are the only projects I have progress i-Phone snaps of to share so you can assume professional glamour shots are not far behind. There is handful more in development I can't share yet. But the biggest, most important project of all is that we bought a HOUSE and I am currently living in and overseeing my own massive remodel. 

The brokers, Ilana, and I on our inspection walk through.

The brokers, Ilana, and I on our inspection walk through.

Its a midcentury diamond in the rough that needs a lot of attention - every surface will be updated, every light fixture and hardware, bathrooms and kitchen, the whole nine yards. Besides the mechanical, plumbing, electrical, roof, exterior, landscaping, etc. etc. I love this house so much and have seen a huge transformation in the 6 weeks we have been working on it already. More months to go. The before and afters will knock your socks off. Its truly a dream house with insane architectural features (double sided lava stone fireplace, corner glass window condition, floor to ceiling glass panels, high post and beam ceiling, interir zen garden). I walk around and I still can't believe its my house and I get to live in it - muddy construction crew foot prints, plaster dust everywhere, clothes in suitcases, furniture stored in the garage, no kitchen, and all. Its got a long way to go but its a keeper.

A Stunning Santa Monica Kitchen

This is the kitchen we all aspire to when we are grown ups. Miles of Calcutta marble, custom walnut cabinetry, and high end appliances. With an enviable installation of original modern art. The kitchen we deserve after years of hard work and building a successful business, like my client M. 


The client found me via a feature in Remodelista and reached out to me describing his dream kitchen. It was a deeply personal and long email inquiry, but I was touched and wanted to meet him in person and help if I could. When I met him, I realize he could have worked with any high end designer in LA, but he really wanted to work with me. I was up for the challenge of designing a truly customized kitchen to his preferences, with no thought or worry of resale and what future users might think. 







The "Before" wasn't terrible. It was modern, but in a 90s bachelor outdated sort of way that wasn't working. He wanted warmth and personality. Luxury and comfort. A space he would want to spend all his time in. 

We worked through a few versions before settling on this beauty. The layout was opened and banquette seating was provided to create different zones.

The key feature is a stunning marble monolithic marble box that acts as a modern sculptural piece when you first enter the kitchen. It serves as the island as well. Yes, it is a waste of storage opportunity, but we were not lacking in this large kitchen so we went for it. 

Flat slab walnut cabinet fronts with integrated recessed finger pulls were a treat to design. Floating shelves and no upper cabinets has become a signature Veneer kitchen design element. Thoughtful details like waterfall edge counters, wood paneled hood surround, and the vertical slat wall brought the kitchen to the next level.

When we were at the stone yard picking out 6(!) lucsious slabs of marble, a slab of soapstone caught our eye and we had an idea to turn it into a custom dining table. With simple side tables from the remnant pieces.

Touring the stone selection

Touring the stone selection

This is our piece!

This is our piece!


Paired with Knoll pearl boucle fabric for the chairs and custom made bench cushion. So delicious.


You gotta admit, its a very special kitchen. Beyond personal and luxurious. My sweetheart of a client didn't want it the good design times to end and is moving on to the living room now with Veneer is along for the ride. I'm sure that will be just as special and spectacular too.

The Rue Magazine Summer 2017 Cover

My first cover ever and I couldn't be prouder to have it be Rue Magazine. They did a beautiful feature of my home and gave me the cover. Wow weeee.

Check out the current issue which is chock full of stories showcasing some of my favorite designers. To say I'm in good company is an understatement.

The crazy thing is that we shot my home in December and then in a whirlwind of insanity we decided to list it in February and buy a new home in March of this year.  The home sold immediately to truly lovely buyers who will appreciate the work I put into it. I know they will grow it into their own sweet spot....Which means that by the end of this month we are moving out and onto the next BIG personal renovation project.

Its a larger midcentury fixer. It has some really unique and interesting architectural features that I am beyond excited to celebrate and bring to new glory. Its funny how the this feature worked out to coincide with our move to a new project. A timely reminder of the home we created, as we embark on a new home to love. I will keep you in the loop as we start to make progress with the new house. It will be a very long time before its ready for its glamour shots and hopefully another feature in Rue Magazine. For now, this makes me very very happy.

More of Marina Del Rey

Its Friday. Let's look at pretty pictures of a recent project we wrapped up in Marina Del Rey. Not much to say except we added an infusion of beachy boho style in a layered thoughtful way for a new construction home that was beautiful (but plain) to start. One word: wallpaper - it makes a huge difference.

Veneer Designs - Yale-7.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-5.jpg

The entry was small but we managed to fit in the essentials - beachy rug, bench, mirror, hooks.

Veneer Designs - Yale-3.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-2.jpg

The powder room was begging for killer wallpaper and a cute little kilim pattern in pattern play.

Veneer Designs - Yale-12.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-10.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-17.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-21.jpg

The master bedroom was taken to the next level with shibori wallpaper, new Roman shades, a leather headboard bed, and considered layers of ethnic textures to be the ultimate beachy modern bohemian bedroom in town.

One Massive Custom Designed Storage Unit

Our Marina del Rey clients needed more storage in their newly constructed home. They had one perfectly blank wall. You can see the BEFORE picture below. Not bad, but it could be so much better. So we got cooking.



We worked out a custom designed unit that would fit exactly on their wall and be designed around the existing wall mounted TV location. There was not one part of this that was easy. Thankfully our wonderful builder was up to the bear of a task of building this dang thing. 

A bear it certainly was. It took him twice as long as he had estimated and I think he was secretly cursing me under his breath. But it came out incredible and the clients won't be running out of storage any time soon.

Veneer Designs - Yale-25.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-28.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-30.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-32.jpg

The rest of the new furnishings we brought in aren't so bad either ;)

Veneer Designs - Yale-47.jpg
Veneer Designs - Yale-46.jpg

More from this super cool pad in blog posts to follow.