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Ilana's Room Restyled

The sad truth is I am the worst at sleep training and Ilana is scared of her crib. When we brought in the locker bed for Lev's room, it was an opportunity to bring in a matching second twin size bed for Ilana for the future and chuck the crib. I know its too soon for her since she is not even 1, but that's what happened. And her room got a  restyle. Nothing major.

room 034

I only changed the layout of her tiny bedroom to make room for a larger bed. I bought in a Componibili storage unit as a nightstand, and new bedding. A simple striped duvet cover and colorful hex patterned sheets. Hex is trendy, but if you are going to dip your toes in the trendy pool it might as well be with Target brand sheets for under $20 until you get sick of it.

room 025Now you know where the tissue paper tassels I made for Valentine's Day decoration ended up. Above her bed on the blackboard wall. They are 026I also had to hang the "For Neil" poster by Martin Krusche. I have been obsessed with this sweet moon face graphic since I first saw it  on the blogosphere and hunted one down from a German shop. Ilana's points with delight every time she sees it.

dresser 043

The midcentury dresser with brass details is still there, along with my hand made cloud mobile, and Flokati rug. I thrifted the kitschy kitty print and could not resist hanging it.

eamesThe Eames rocker sits at the foot of the bed, under the window, with a few personal touches: a wool baby blanket our friends brought back from a trip to Scotland, a monogram pillow hand embroidered by her grandmother. I like her restyled room even more than the nursery. Now, to get her to sleep in it is another project...