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New Dining Room Scheme

Sometimes things are perfectly fine and good and yet we, I mean I, still feel the urge to mix it up. Take my dining room for example. Everything is AOK in a traditional and functional sense. It looks good. But lately, I know it can look great if we swap out some key pieces.

new dining room

The existing fan is silly. We never use it and the light is so low we need a secondary floor lamp to see our food. Our bedroom gets hot in the summer so I think it makes sense to move the fan up there. And in its place, finally take on the DIY challenge of the Lindsey Adelman chandelier. I was intimidated in the past and kind of forgot about it, but now it seems like its back on everyone's radar and I want to do it. The parts have been ordered. This is happening.

As much as I like my midcentury Broyhill style hutch, I have learned that I am a stower, not a shower, and seeing all these objects on display doesn't make me happy. I'll sell it and bring in a vintage midcentury low sideboard instead. It will sit under the window and provide storage for all those dishes and glasses. The reconfiguration should give the seating around the dining table some breathing room. I haven't found a vintage piece yet, but they aren't too hard to find with my craigslist skills :)

The recently aquired bentwood Thonet chairs I'm keeping. The Stokke highchairs too. Both are natural wood. Now I'm toying with the idea of swapping out the glass dining table with a white one. I'm not sure Parsons is my style, its a placeholder. But I'm over the glass and I think white would brighten up the space. I have to get Alec on board with the table swap though. He really likes our current table.

I'll let you see how this little update comes along. Its nice to flesh it out in virtual space first and talk through it to see if I like it. That's the plan right now.