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Spring Break Week in Instagram

Its spring break this week which makes getting anything really done harder with 2 kids requiring full time attention. Luckily, the grandparents are here in town visiting  too, which takes some pressure off of me. But still, besides a killer Passover Seder on Monday night, not a lot is getting accomplished.


1) I cooked ahead a load of veggies for the week as I was prepping some Seder dishes and it felt good to be so domestic. 2) This faux taxidermy moose head was a leftover from the Urban Cowgirl bedroom project. Unfortunately, I dropped it and broke the resin into smitherins before I found a place to hang it. Sad, don't tell K. 3) Lev and Ilana get lots of trips to the playground on Spring Break. The swings are Ilana's new fave. 4) We have fun indoors too. 5) I still manage to carve out some time for this sick remodel I'm working on in Santa Monica. Look at the structure - the interiors are going to be amazing once I'm done. 6) I'm also mid restyling Ilana's bedroom. Full post to come after I hang up new art and document.

Happy Pesach, Happy Easter!