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Urban Cowgirl Bedroom

My client K is one of the most trusting people I have yet to meet. Originally from Austin, she wanted to infuse her LA crash pad with farmhouse rustic touches, but let the bedroom bask in its full feminine and glamorous glory. She wanted lots of white and wood, a bed that was layers upon layers of comfort, and to keep it on a smaller budget since this was not her main home. She hands me a wad of cash and says "go", she doesn't need to approve any of my selections, just to surprise her. Talk about a fun task! And here are the eye candy results. A dream bedroom haven for our inner girly girl.

Kara 019

That is a bed dreams are made of. A ruffled bed skirt, pinched duvet cover, mountains of pillows, and a Moroccan wedding blanket for sparkle.

Kara 049With a salvaged wood slice to act as a headboard and contrast all that white, can we talk about how cool the faux taxidermy copper Bison head is? He is both rustic and glamorous as he watches over her while she sleeps.

Kara 030

Kara 044

K is here in LA to work, so another requirement was a white Parson's style desk. The wire mesh Bertoia style chair adds is a nice compliment and pictures of family and friends back home are propped above on the white picture ledges.

Kara 025When guests are over, the caramel brown leather armchair is a nice place for them to sit. A Craigslist score for $150. She found the pair of midcentury wall sconces on her own in Austin and they are rad.

Kara 035We needed something to fill this blank wall. K was skeptical about this oversized Baroque mirror but I knew it would work as a feminine feature with its antique gold finish and over the top detailing. And now she is smitten with it. With a bench made of salvaged wood and hair pin legs (copper dipped) we got the rustic part covered too.

Kara 061

On the floor, I wanted a calfskin rug with a metallic finish to work both angles of rustic and glamour. Its can handle a lot of abuse and still looks really good in a rock and roll sort of way. Layered with a sweater rug, we have texture.

Kara 057No bedroom would be complete without some green. Succulents of course. Especially with the amazing light this room gets. And wouldn't you know it, as soon as the bedroom was 100% complete, we got word that K was relocating to San Francisco for her next assignment. She will be missed in LA, but I know she can recreate this room in her new crash pad and bring the living room scheme to completion.