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California Dreaming

Lev is so lucky to be growing up in sunny California and I think he does appreciate his station in life. He loves California as much as his parents and we decided to show our pride by displaying a flag in his bedroom.

lev's room 050

His room layout got a remix when we upgraded his bed to the PB Teen locker bed. This thing is solid. The bed orientation changed from against the wall and under the window which I felt was awkward to floating mid room since I no longer worry about him falling out of bed in the middle of the night.

lev's room 052

lev's room 055

lev's room 077

lev's room 064

Now the room has been split up into more zones, for playing, for dressing, sleeping, and even a little reading nook. It feels bigger. Everything else stayed as is since I loved his rug, Hudson Bay blanket, and midcentury vintage dresser, but it all looks more pulled together and legit now. Its the real deal big boy's room.

lev's room 018

I'm happy to report he likes the new look and actually sleeps better at night. Both the kids enjoy hanging about.