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I have so many pots to stir on the fire right now and I cannot WAIT to share this new crop of 2018 projects with you. There a few in need of tweak here and there before the glamor shots. And a bunch in that boring period where the orders have been placed and you are in the dead zone of waiting 8-12 weeks for items to come in. I'm doing more custom furniture than ever. The freedom to move beyond the constraints of the market is liberating. The worry that it will turn out right is nerve wracking as there are no returns on custom.  I will show you two design boards from each as a sampling of what's to come. 

Bayliss Dining Room - Entry, Dining REV 7.jpg
Bayliss Master Bedroom REV 3.jpg

Brentwood - the most perfectly renovated midcentury modern house in Mandeville Canyon called for a mix of MCM classics with just the right amount of Veneer organic modern vintage thrown in. Its beautiful, comfortable, and unique. 

Tuxedo Terrace Guest Room REV 1.jpg
Tuxedo Terrace Office REV.jpg

Tuxedo Terrace - a golden couple downsizing to a stunning hillside home with amazing views.  Global influences and retro notes abound.

Beverly Green Living Room REV - black table.jpg
Beverly Green Salon and Dining REV 1 - black chair.jpg

Beverly Hills - the remodel portion is wrapping up after almost a year(!) and the new furnishings have been ordered for this glammy modernist house that will make all the neighbors green with envy.

75th St. Master Bed REV 4.jpg

Westchester - The furnishings inside the beautiful modern farmhouse are the definition of luxe boho minimalism. The client has done her research and knew exactly the look she was after which made the process easy and fun.

Shook Entry REV 1.jpg
Shook Dining Room REV 1.jpg

Dallas - another modern farmhouse amped up to the next level. Remotely in Dallas. The most talented makers working today were tapped to bring in their unique goods to this sophisticated client.

Norwich Living REV.jpg
Norwich Nursery REV 1.jpg

West Hollywood - stylish pad in process for a cute little family. The nursery is the first room completed and we will be showcasing that after the Spring Break. 

24th St - Dining Kitchen REV.jpg
24th St Living Room REV.jpg

Santa Monica - the freshest project still in development mode. We are bringing modernity and color to a recently renovated Spanish home north of Montana. That sofa is everything.


As you can see each house has its own unique flavor. I don't do the same style across the board. I fine tune it to that client's specific needs and tastes so it feels like its their own. I find it really interesting to look at these boards and see the differences but also the common thread - clean, uncluttered, a touch of global, inspired by midcentury classic profiles. Veneer Designs in a nutshell.




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