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Noteworthy 21

Some pretty things I have seen that are worth noting. The first of 2018. Clearly its been way too long and I have to be better about making this a more regular thing.

notes 21.jpg

1) Cle Tile's new collection of Old World Belgian terra cotta is high on drama and class. How can I work this into my next design? 2) Hanging the Ouef rainbow rug above a bed is such a happy idea for a kids room. 3) All the best furniture design these days is in Australia. The Cuba bed is a point in case. Its so unfair. I have looked into shipping and ouch. 4,5,6) Contemporary Hamptons living. So chic, I die. You have got to take a good long look at this spectacular home tour. 7) Stone furniture. Heavy yet intriguing. 8) This Spring's it bag style. 9) Speaking of woven fibers, with ceramics, via Anthropologie is equally lovely for Spring.

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