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Winter Bedroom Styling


I was truly smitten with the washed out tones of blush pinks and warm whites of my bedroom when I put it together post remodel this summer. But now that we are in the middle of winter (SoCal winter but still) it felt wrong. I was craving darker and more saturated tones without going too dark and gloomy. I wanted a color scheme that would go well with the home's earthy color story and feel cozy and still wintry. Enter my new color crush: Olive


Assume you are working with white walls and wood floors in your bedroom (as the blank canvas), the main way to set the tone is through the color and fabric you choose for the duvet cover (as its the main swath of color in the room's composition). I immediately gravitated to Cultiver's olive linen duvet set. I had their blush linen set already and knew I liked the relaxed look of the product, the soft light feel of their linen, and that I could mix and match the colors between the two sets. The olive color looks equally good with the brass and marble table lamps on my side tables as it does with the grey Icelandic sheepskin throw and the Heather Levine ceramic wall hanging above the bed. 


The olive tone is a very good bridge between the cooler greys and warmer tans, like the Humble Hilo wool and leather throw pillow I also brought in as an accent. You know I have to bring in a vintage rug into every room and I found a smaller area rug with the faded peaches, greens, and browns I was looking for.


In the corner, neutral layers of brindle cowhide over a sisal rug with plants reinforce the brown/green color story. Doesn't the olive and brown look phenomenal with the creamy white and black background and vintage wood furnishings?


To get the look on your own, its too easy. Duvet/Lamp/Wall Hanging/Pillow/Cacti print/Icelandic Sheepkin/Rug

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