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Our Ladera Heights Living Room


It was killing me that our living room, which is the first thing you walk into upon entering the house and is the middle point between the kitchen/dining/den area and the bedroom area, was a lame personality deficient no man's land since we moved in. 

living 2.jpg
living 1.jpg

These were the BEFORE pictures. Very um, interesting. As you can see there was a railing at the step down into the sunken area, it was carpeted, and there was an accent mirror wall. I'm sure these all made sense at one point but they were nothing I would be living with. The other thing was they had the seating arrangement pushed all the way to the back wall creating an odd unused floor space.


When we first moved in it was our everything room - we had the toaster oven, microwave, and coffee maker in this room along with random chairs and a big blue day bed for guest seating. It was weird but every part of the house was under construction, so it was our one usable area. As other parts of the house were completed, we were able to clear it out and make it look decent. I set up my desk in the corner and installed the vintage wall unit. And that was about it for a little while. 


Right before the holidays I got to feathering the nest knowing guests would be in town November-January. First I brought in the Retreat Sofa from West Elm. Its beyond fluffy and soft. The skinny arms and loose back pillows give it an edge I really liked, along with the durable doe colored linen weave fabric. A safe choice for a family. We paired it with the daybed for a few weeks but in my deepest heart, I knew I wanted a white slipcover sofa, kids be damned.


And white slipcover sofa I did get. From HD Buttercup. This style is no longer available but here is a close match. The vintage slat bench I already had and I gave it a new purpose as a slim coffee table. With a striped kilim flatweave rug layered over the chunkier jute rug for an earthy beachy feel. Now I had a proper arrangement.


There are some bohemian touches like the indigo mudcloth throw and pillow, but the look is more global and restrained than boho if that makes sense.


Pillow game strong with the help of my friends at Humble Hilo and Abbie Naber Design. I'm really feeling textured warm neutrals, especially for this house. The Humble Hilo Azteca pillow helps me tie the warm white and grey in the living room with the caramel leather sofa in the den. Their Negro pillow gives me the contrast I need on the white slipcovered sofa. I actually like the women run company supporting philanthropic projects in Guatemala through the sale of their products that I bought one of their Hilo dresses and a pair of huaraches sandals too.


Abbie Naber is a new design buddy in Encinitas CA. We share a similar eye and her new pillow shoppe is a good new source for unique handmade mod boho pillows


Ceramics and design books set the calm earthy tone of the space, along with the rug below.

The piece that tie sit all together is actually the jumbo tassel wall hanging from Dharma Door. The scale, texture, and natural fibers are perfect for the blank wall near my original stone fireplace. And the shibori pillows are the exact spot LEv likes to sit and read Diary of a Whimpy Kid (because its near the heat vent).


I'm really happy (can't you tell) that every corner of my living room is being utilized now. The two sofas facing each other is a great spot for conversation, or reading, or looking out the west facing windows at our backyard and sunsets. The back wall is storage and display. I work in one corner and Lev reads in the other corner. It feels miraculous after the long barren stretch of zero style in this room.

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