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The Rue Magazine Summer 2017 Cover

My first cover ever and I couldn't be prouder to have it be Rue Magazine. They did a beautiful feature of my home and gave me the cover. Wow weeee.

Check out the current issue which is chock full of stories showcasing some of my favorite designers. To say I'm in good company is an understatement.

The crazy thing is that we shot my home in December and then in a whirlwind of insanity we decided to list it in February and buy a new home in March of this year.  The home sold immediately to truly lovely buyers who will appreciate the work I put into it. I know they will grow it into their own sweet spot....Which means that by the end of this month we are moving out and onto the next BIG personal renovation project.

Its a larger midcentury fixer. It has some really unique and interesting architectural features that I am beyond excited to celebrate and bring to new glory. Its funny how the this feature worked out to coincide with our move to a new project. A timely reminder of the home we created, as we embark on a new home to love. I will keep you in the loop as we start to make progress with the new house. It will be a very long time before its ready for its glamour shots and hopefully another feature in Rue Magazine. For now, this makes me very very happy.