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Our Ladera Heights Master Bedroom Renovation


Connecting to the master bathroom, is the master bedroom of course. Its a simple and quiet space. A true retreat. 

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When we first laid eyes on it, it had a lot of spunk to it with its original chinoiserie wallpaper and oversized sconce lanterns. But also a sad mustiness to it. The previous 92 year old owner had died peacefully in her sleep and it was time to bring in new light and life to the room.


We tried to remove the wallpaper to paint the wall, but when it wa sproving too difficulta nd time consuming (I think they had used an oli based wallaper glue back in the 60s) I decided to install a shiplap paneling accent wall over the wallpaper an dcall it a day. The vertical 4" version painted white is true to the aesthetic of the house. We have some of it as an accent on outside in the Zen garden enclosure. We actually move din before the wall was done, but no big deal. As long as the old bits were removed and the new wood flooring was down, I was cool with it.


Besides the accent wall, filling in the popcorn ceilings with smooth plaster and adding a fan were the only major things we did here. We adjusted and centered the closet opening slighting and installed new Shaker style bi-fold doors to give it a little character. Otherwise not a major headache here. Obviously the walls got painted and we installed wood flooring instead of carpet. 


The rest was an exercise in keeping everything quite subdued. With existing furniture and a restrained pallete of earthy nuetrals and blushes against the white, its a minimal mod dream come true. 


I have just a few favorite pieces of art and ornamentation in here, but I'm trying to avoid too much noise in keeping with the vibe of the Zen garden beyond.


Framed photography print by my friend Austin Nelson, a new vintage dresser from a great new LA source I just discovered called Out of Stock Vintage and a floor mirror from Ikea in a straightforward vignette.


A vintage Danish rolltop desk/dresser houses some keepsakes and a figure study I did in college. The embroidered drapery panels from Target are shockingly good quality for the price and the look is so me.


Target also came out with their Project 62 lamps at exactly the time I was decorating this room. The marble base and brass globe are exactly the midmod look I needed at $40 each! For bedding, Cultiver blush linen duvet and pillows mixed in with natural colored linen bedding and blanket from Serena and Lily. On a West Elm platform bed I already had. A few kilim throw pillows as accents I already had. That's it. A simple, light, airy retreat.

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