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Our Ladera Heights Master Bathroom Remodel


Moving into my favorite area of our new house; my bedroom and master bathroom. Its the most personal of the spaces, the most "me" since its mostly for Alec and I to see. There is an inner atrium that both the bathroom and the bedroom peer into which we call the Zen Garden, for no good reason at all. Its one of those extra special midcentury features you just can't replicate.





Starting with the master bathroom which underwent a radical reconfigure. When we first took over the house the master bathroom area was separated into a few smaller chambers. A main tub and vanity area, an enclosed shower and toilet area, and a narrow hall with additional closet space. I never really entertained the idea of saving anything but discovering that every pipe was corroded, every fixture was leaking, and the tiles were cracked sealed the fate of the bathroom. We demolished it all out and reconfigured the space plan to make one big room with a walk in shower and no closet.

master bath plan.jpg

This kind of reconfiguration means moving pipes to new walls. Framing the new shower and toilet turned out to be challenging because of the difference in ceiling heights. We ended up raising it all by a couple of inches in the back to meet the front of the bathroom. Fun fun.


Once the framing had been done and the drywall in place, we were ready for tile. I had always wanted to install the Cle Zenith tile in black and white. Its funky and modern and you can play with the layout to get as many zigs and zags as you would like. I gave the installer 5'x5' patches that I laid out in advance and the install went pretty quickly in one day. 


With the leftover tile, we tiled over the concrete slab painted green with Astroturf glued to it in the Zen garden to connect the two spaces.


With the floor pattern being as busy as it is, the wall tile had to calm it down with simple 6x6 white field tile. In a staggered install. The new subway tile. Its just as cost effective but a fresh take on the tired 3x6 version.


The wall tile took ages to install but when it was done, grouted, sealed, and cleaned up the bathroom was ready for fixtures. Finally, along with a custom designed vanity cabinet, it is a spa like bathroom of my dreams, once I did my own decorating touches. I take showers and look out into the enclosed Zen garden and seriously cannot believe this is MY bathroom.


For this room, I will leave you with the design board I made as well. To communictae the vision to Alec and the builder.

Master Bathroom REV 1.jpg
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