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Domino List of 10 Up and Coming Designers

Domino Magazine has been very very good to me. More than 10 years ago it captured that effortlessly pulled together yet youthfully energetic home we all aspired to create. "That's so Domino" is definitely a saying I think to myself on the daily because they have been able to capture a certain viewpoint that speaks to me and many. Domino posted two of my projects and will be sharing another this month. The exposure from Domino alone has really upped my game, but now that they named me one of ten up coming designers to know, I'm speechless and beyond grateful. 

I have been very lucky to work on a few higher end homes this year and because of publications like Domino, the clients give me the breathing space to be creative and try new combinations or concepts. There is a trust inherent in the designer if you have been called out by the industry as someone who knows what she is doing and can take interiors in a new direction. I'm sure this latest honor will grant me even more creative freedoms and I'm excited to see what that results in. Its as much of a surprise to me as to you at the end. Here a few images from recent projects to remind myself I'm on the right track and taking my work in a good direction.


Don't forget to congratulate the other talents from Domino's list:

Consort Design, Kate Marker, Kelly Nutt, Hannah Crowell, Kelly Deck, Claire Brody, Kristen Cadwallader, Jana Bek, and Jenny Wolf

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