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Giant Dreamcatcher DIY

I have had my eye on those ginormous bohemian dreamcatchers for a while. I see them at craft fairs, in store display windows, and as the new de rigeur wedding backdrop. They sell for upwards of $150-$500 depending on the size. Totally worth the price for the handwork and man hours that goes into making one, but I was wondering if I could make one on my own....and maybe my children's summer camp crafting gave me the crafting bug. 


I can be crafty but I also want it to take barely any time and look perfect upon completion, which is a tall order. Luckily, I stumbled my way through figuring out how to make a giant dreamcatcher for Ilana's bedroom for about $50 in materials and 2-2.5 hours. Not too bad. Its much girlier than I would want it to be. We had to compromise.  She wanted more color and more sparkle. I wanted to take a less is more approach. Since I was making it, I won with a simple crochet version and just a touch of glittery flair. 

dream 2.jpg

A few materials: hoola hoop, doily, white cotton twine, ribbons, beads, and fabric glue and scissors. I went for bohemian type beads - god's eyes and crystals. Ilana chose the irridescent ball beads. I started by wrapping simple white 1" wide ribbon around the hoop to cover the pink plastic.

dream 3.jpg

Once the hoop was covered I centered a large white doily on the floor and loosely threaded it with the white twine between the outer edges of the doily and the hoop, back and forth, until I had completed the circle. I then tightened the twine so the doily was still centered and wrapped a knot around the hoop. I added another round of twine pulled tight so that the surface of the doily was taut. I could have probably gotten away with one round but I wanted it to be strong. Once I was confident the doily was secure and the twine wouldn't unravel, I started decorating. Ribbons, beads, etc. I was a little disappointed with the ribbon. I had bought 4 spools in 9 yd lengths and it barely made a dent. Ilana likes it that way so its cool. I can always add more in the future. I was also pretty strict about beads. I didn't want too much to weigh the doily down and make it slump. I used just a few super special ones. I can add more strands of beads in place of ribbons in the future as well. In general, Ilana is ecstatic and my crafting itch has been scratched for a while. Give it a try. I would add leather strands, feathers, crystals, and wood beads if it wasn't going in a little girl's room.

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