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Student Rental Staging

I have been working with the talented development duo behind Southern California Student Housing for years now. The latest little project I wrapped up for them was the staging of a studio student rental near USC. The idea was to show the students (and their parents) how they may live in the newly renovated units. Where furniture can go, how they can decorate it. I pulled together an inexpensive and slightly bohemian assortment of big box furnishings and thrifted decoration, something a savvy student may be able to collect on their own. Everything was from Wayfair, Overstock, Target, and Urban Outfitters. Its fantastic how many happy fun items are out there now for people on a student/new grad budget. It may not be the sturdiest quality but its better than hand me down mismatched pieces that could leave an overstressed student feeling blue. This stuff is light years away from any resources I had back then...not that I would have had a clue how to put it together anyway.


Splitting the studio up into specific activity regions is key to making it feel more spacious. Sleeping quarters are tucked behind the kitchen wall for semi privacy and located right next to the sofa area for an en suite feel.


The sofa is a smaller loveseat with attractive side tables from Target and vintage bohemian textiles.


A cute dining area with the midcentury inspired white table and black Windsor chairs are also from Target. Keeping the desk nearby white with a black task chair keeps the unit feeling consistent and not too busy. The color comes in by way of accessories, not furnishings.  


Keeping the bed near the window has always been important to me. Natural light is key to keeping students' wacky schedules somewhat normalized. Its a simple platform bed but layers of texture and a fabric wall hanging are an inexpensive way to make the bed's scale look more impressive.


The African mudcloth and wall hanging black and white scheme are in step with the furnishings in the main room and softened by indigos and faded vintage patterns.


A simple go cart desk from CB2 is styled to perfection with interesting thrift store finds. And a cute rattan mirror from Target. 


Even though this nook may end up being the area of a second bed (because most students end up sharing the suite) its nice to show an informal dining nook to eat civilized meals at and socialize with friends.


The bathroom is clean and minimal. Black and white accessories make the most sense here. 

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