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This post is going to be quick and dirty because its too fun not to share, but I warn you the pictures are Iphone grade before you get insulted by the quality. Its about what can be done with a drab and sad exterior that doesn't match its newly remodeled interior, after you have blown your funds on a remodel and can't afford an actual exterior renovation.


Yegads! Kind of cute, kind of sad brick house with a patchwork of exterior finishes where changes were made but the previous owners got lazy and/or cheap about cohesiveness. That's a lot of brick my friends and hardware store grade door and fixtures. 

exterior before 1.JPG
ext before door.JPG
ext before 3.JPG

My clients didn't want to spend a lot of money and she did want to stay as true to the home's somewhat midcentury origin as possible. The answer was white paint. Nothing cheers up a sad home like white paint, especially over brick. With black accents it looks crisp and a little preppy even. A few new contempary fixtures. And for the love of god, a new front door. I did insist that the weird patchwork of materials be unified with one layer of brick to match the existing, that was then painted over as well. 


progress 1.JPG
progress 2.JPG


Here is where we are today. A sweet and charming house. There is still landscape work to be done (notice how we ripped up all that brick pavement in front) which is why these aren't the finished pictures. But its too fun to show you how white paint can make all the difference in the world. Go get a can for yourself pronto.

 Photo by Phoebe Chauson

Photo by Phoebe Chauson

 Photo by Phoebe Chauson

Photo by Phoebe Chauson

 Photo by Phoebe Chauson

Photo by Phoebe Chauson

The best part was that this work happened in about 2 weeks. 

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