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Tokyo - My One Regret, Missing a Tea Ceremony

We had an amazing/magical/fantastical family trip to Tokyo over the Thanksgiving break. I was nervous traveling internationally with the littles but now that Ilana is 4.5 it turned out way better than I expected. Of course, it was a different trip than if Alec and I had gone on our own. There was a lot we couldn't do, but I was fine with missing out on a few grown up activities if it meant I got to go to Tokyo at all. We humored the littles with a lot of kid activities and they humored us right back. There was one thing I'm sad I didn't get to do. There was just no way to bring kids with us and it was too out of the way to warrant they wait on me to do it solo. 

A traditional tea ceremony in a Japanese garden. And this one, Yakumo Saryo, to be specific since it was hailed as the design lovers best.

Seriously, look at the perfect minimally zen aesthetic applied to the landscaping, the architecture, the interiors, and the food presentation in the most artfully restrained format. Beyond inspiring.

They offer a traditional Japanese breakfast, lunch, tea ceremony and confectionaries by reservation only. There was no way to simply drop by for a peek and it was  kind of a longer subway ride to a more suburban neighborhood so it didn't happen this time. But it will be one of the first things I do NEXT time I go to Japan. You can bet on it.

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