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My Bedroom Redo - Now I'm Truly Into It


I must have changed my bedroom about half a dozen times since we moved into this house. But I think I finally finally reached my bedroom nirvana. Everything up until this point was experimental but didn't feel quite like "me". Upon reading Marie Kondo's Spark Joy  I realized I wanted my very own room to spark joy so it was time to shed the items that did not do that for me and bring ones that truly did.  I realized I was trying to make my bedroom look like what a grown up's bedroom should look like. Now I just want it to feel good, and the changes I made makes it feel good. Color me done.


Step One: Swap out the bed frame. Our old bed frame (seen here) was only 1.5 years in and I secretly hated its tufted stuffy correctness. There was nothing wrong with it, but it didn't make me happy. Instead of living with it for years, I sold it on Craigslist and got this low platform bed from Craigslist instead. I'm not sure why but there is something exotic and super calming for me about sleeping so close to the floor.


Step Two: Treating myself to layers and layers of good bedding. It seems like an indulgence to pay as much as I did for linen bedding after years of bargain shopping for deals, but at a certain you have earned it and it really does make a difference. Just thinking about the weight and feel of my bedding makes me happy to slide in at the end of the day. Worth it!


Step Three: Bring in new nightstands. I had been pining for the Eames Wire Base Low Table for years but again, it seemed silly to spend so much on a little table. Once my bed got a slow as it did, these little tables were the only ones that correctly lined up so I finally had an excuse. Plus saving money on the Craigslist bed meant I could splurge on the nightstands and break even. A sweet spot to place my trinkets and books near me.


Step Four: Upgraded lighting and art. The sconces I had before we "fine" but I wanted something really cool and special and found it in these bent wood midcentrury inspired lanterns. The fine art photography is by my friend Austin Nelson. I'm obsessed with his image and I had it properly framed and displayed above my bed when he gifted me the print. It makes me feel lighter and more inspired every time I catch a glimpse of it as I walk by my room.


Step Five: Plants babies. Because you need fresh air and they want your company so invite them into your room to live.


Step Six: Display your treasured keepsakes. I'm a lover of crystals, vintage finds, art books, and momentos so even though my dresser is probably the most cluttered surface in my house, its nice to see these little treasures every day.  I might as well have them out in my private space where their dust collecting tendencies won't bother anyone else (besides Alec).

It took a very long time but I have finally learned you are allowed to make your space exactly as you wish, not as it should be. And spend money on really good items that you will hold onto forever because they make you happy to live with.  

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