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Home Update: The Bedrooms

Setting the alarm and waking up to get back to the school drop off/work routine was rough this morning. We got to sleep in (to 8:00 AM) way more than I expected over the break so that 6:20 wake up was not a welcome one. With that in mind, let's take a look at the most recent updates in the bedrooms of my home and think about the delicious sleep we caught up on last week. 


Here is my bedroom. Its gone through 4-5 different iterations - beds, wall colors, rugs, you name it, but I think I found the right balance after all this time.  Its very neutral and calming but with a bit of funkiness by way of my darker textile accents.


I have a lively little green corner in the window. My homemade dreamcatcher/god's eye hanging, and my little shell and gem treasures styled on the dresser top.


Outside our door is a long hall where the children's bedrooms are lined. I placed a bench and rug to give this little area some life and a good area to catch stray hoodies, towels, toys, and books before they make it back to their final destinations. 


Ilana's room is in the middle of the hall. Its the smallest, but so is she. It fits mostly her bed and a few of her favorite things. The monochromatic SCandi inspired tones keeps things from feeling too cluttered.


Lev's room down the hall is farthest from us but its also as big if not bigger. This is a fun room where many of the toys were sent to live when they were banished from the office and the books have taken over a wall. We all spend a lot of time hanging out in his room since there is floor space to play on, a comfy reading area, and the bright colors and vintage furnishings practically begs you to get silly.


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