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Design for Fundraising

My son attends Ocean Charter School which provides the equivalent of a private Waldorf education for free. Its a truly magical environment for him and us. Since it is a public school and their goals quite lofty, they require a good deal of fundraising throughout the year. One way I can contribute to the school is by donating a room design to the annual silent auction.  I figured to pay it forward and share the boy's room I designed with you, along with the sources.

The budget was very limited to under $1000. The little boy who occupies this room told me he wanted his room to be "raccoon". That's it. That's all I got to his mom's horror: "raccoon". Um, okaaay. She pulled together very Scandinavian images of black and white kids rooms. No problem. I pulled the color scheme of raccoon - black and white and created an inexpensive new scheme to make them both content. 

I started with recommending to paint the existing white walls with a dark grey or black lower portion. Either the lower half in a straight line or a jagged semi mountainess graphic. Something like Oh Joy's nursery. Then bring in the Ikea Kura lofted bed, and for extra points paint it grey and build an A frame out of 2x4s to create a playful feel, inspired by this Ikea hackBelow the lofted bed, you can create a hang out area with a low black Eames style rocking chair and a super plush sheepskin throw rug.

To break up the stark black and whites I recommended a vintage midcentury wood dresser, with curved styling. The wood tones will add warmth and the vintage aspect works with the budget. I'm assuming they could luck out on Craigslist. The ceiling light will be swapped out with the matte black industrial style flush mount light, perfect for the abuse it might take in a boy's room. Finally some actual raccoon imagery by way of a pillow and framed print. The triangle wall decals can be installed near the bed and relate to punk feel of the print.

If you like what you see, ask me about e-design. 

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