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Back to School: Student Housing Duplex

Just in time for the USC fall semester to commence, I wrapped up another project with SC Student Housing. This is a new construction duplex meant to be used as student housing rentals. What's great about the guys at SCSH is that I have been working with them as their sole designer on any new project since I launched Veneer, and there is a level of trust and communication there that is very special. Also because we are looking at rentals with a yearly turnover, the guys are cool with experimenting with new design ideas and materials. Why not? 

With that in mind, and continuing a certain branded look we have been developing for the past few years, I tried out walnut flat front cabinetry with black countertops and black walls for the kitchens. Intense yet handsome.

I took the location of the bar height counter where I imagine students will eat in, view TV, and work on laptops to do matte black Tom Dixon inspired pendant lights.  


And you will notice that I carried the black accents throughout the house, like painting the doors glossy black as well.


The other kitchen is almost a mirror image of the first kitchen, with the same design elements for consistency and fairness.


Things got a little crazy in the bathrooms. We were itching to try an idea where 3x6 mirror tiles would be installed amongst ceramic white subway tile and aggregate to create the vanity mirror. A few random mirror tiles would work their way into the shower stall to keep it interesting. Of course, the vanity would be a floating version of the kitchen cabinets. 


The mirror tile element was very specific and we only used it as the "show" element in the downstairs bathrooms. Upstairs we kept things simple for budget reasons but jazzed it up with dark purple paint.

IMG-57 (1).jpg

The bedrooms are simple as well and designed to allow 2 or even 3 occupants. They are large and on the upper floors have quirky little nooks and angled ceilings to add a lot of architectural interest to the plain almost monastic accommodations. What I think is the smartest thing we did was install wood grain porcelain floors throughout. From the kitchens, into the bedrooms, and even the bathrooms - they provide the look of wide plank white oak floors but with incredible durability and the continuity feels very high end.


Another cool property in the world of student housing has entered the scene. This is nothing like the sad drab student housing that you and I experienced. There is actually a second property I worked on concurrently that I will post photos of soon.

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